A Few Words About Me

This is how you find out you are an artist

Realizing that I was an artist should have come easier. I had, after all, attended art school – Brooks Institute of Photography – in one of it’s most artful eras. They had recently tossed the “Photographic Arts & Sciences” from their name and replaced it with “Photography”. ¬†With photographers like Edward Weston, Irving Penn, Victor Skrebneski, Duane Michaels, Diane Arbus, and others in mind, I learned the techniques of lighting and processing images, composing a space to make the eye move where wanted and was mostly happy with the results. A few special teachers were learned from, too: Mike Crouch, Bob Smith, and Gene Streeter were all inspirational.

The business of photography, on the other hand, was where I got sidetracked. A couple years as an advertising photographers’ assistant in Los Angeles made the lure of representative commissions pretty strong. And it was good for a couple of decades. But certainly I couldn’t be a photographer while representing others so I shot mostly family and friends, places and events during that time. I found I liked portraits as much as landscapes, ideas and objects. PhotoShop came along and changed everything for the better, well, at least no stinky chemicals anymore. Thank God for PhotoShop. (Almost) anything you could do with chemicals can be done in the computer.

In 2007 I was fortunate to find the collaborative group known as Related Grey. These folks are incredibly adroit with computers in all design and image creating programs, great video shooters and editors, and designers from the start. I arrived as a rep, quickly became a producer, then executive producer. The car work required high dynamic range & spherical¬†photography and that was cool for me to figure out, then an interview required videographer, dp, editor, and even director. It was about that time I realized that roles aren’t so much limited to one task, that extended abilities are important as collaborative teamwork overlaps talents. To create is to celebrate life and the world we live in. OK, and occasionally to sell something.

In that, I say I am an artist.

I’m looking for opportunities to create at any level. It’s too much fun not to.