I’ve found that there is pride and pleasure in capturing quality portraits of people. Having the extended family together a couple of weeks ago for the first in a long while, we pulled out the old photo albums, going back through my parents’ parent’s parents and aunt and uncles and cousins we’d all forgotten. What stood out was often the lucky snapshot, but those were few even into more recent years, and what stood out more was the professional portrait. Being able to really see familial similarities, the quality or lack thereof of the clothes.

When I do portraits, I try to capture people at their best. Having the opportunity to shoot 60 or so portraits in an afternoon is a busy day, especially when many of them are families and need the group, the sisters, the brothers, the kids, mom with baby, baby. But it’s a good day.

I’ve broken my portraits portfolio into two sections: Posed and Candid. Have at ’em.

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