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I’ve been working with Isaiah Takahashi for a few years now and we’ve come a long way in our technique as well as artistry. Shooting backgrounds, for video as well as still integration with the 3D car, is great fun.

This series of three images of the upcoming Acura NSX were created for our sample reel. Having been a car photographers’ agent for the better part of two decades, I’ve been to many perfect car locations. Not having to take a car is a blessing, as I never would have gotten the shot here, on 17 Mile Drive, nor of our running footage test still in development that I captured near Disney Hall. In both cases the local constables happened by my shoot, asked what was going on, and left me to continue the task at hand. Nice folks they were.

Lighting the car with a blend of location-captured high dynamic range sphere and HDRLightStudio software lets the color of the original scene be there, while infinitely supplemented with whatever virtual light source you want. Better, the control of those light sources is to have variable transparency as well as volume. The original color comes through. You can see a bit of behind the scenes work here.

Clicking on the image above will get you to a portfolio of images all created by Isaiah Takahashi and myself, with kind thanks to the teachings of Paul Debevec.





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