Live Music Video – Blue Sky

Being asked to produce a video for a band is always an honor. Heck, being asked to produce any video is an honor, and humbling, too. Defining the need, previsualizing a look and aligning a crew that can make it happen on budget are just the beginning of the worthy worries as the project develops. The need in this case was for a video to showcase their abilities to get the band more gigs, a showcase of their musical talents with no outside story line desired.

Blue Sky is one of the better known bands here in the Santa Clarita valley. With a mix of music from the ’60’s to current day, they can take it slow and easy, torch it up, or rock it down. The event was outdoors, a live performance right around sundown on Main Street, Newhall. The foodies were out, and the drinks were flowing. A good evening!

I sourced two local camera guys – Tom Loring and Aaron Challis, to help with capturing footage. With Aaron running my 5D as the lock off and Tom shooting his 7D also with Magic Lantern software, I hand held a little Canon AVCHD camera that cut surprisingly well with those two. Matching color balances, frame rates, shutter speeds and f-stops, we were ready to go in about a half hour. Five songs later, we had it.

Editorial was done in Adobe Premiere Pro on my MacBook Pro. No After Effects needed. I cut the five songs each complete, then let lead guitarist and vocalist Steve Dole select the portions for inclusion in the compilation. A little blending of audio and video for the transitions, a bit of color balancing (again in Premiere) and I’m saying I’m happy with the results.

I hope you enjoy it and, if you need a band, give them a call!