Medical Ads: Three Solutions

This is the first of a small campaign of testimonials for Dr. Michael Feiz and Marina Del Rey Hospital. Working with Thrive Maketing and the client to craft these commercials, our goal from the outset was to achieve authenticity in a niche often filled with clichés. With independent writer/CD Tom Mescall directing, and me handling producer/DP duties, it was a good day’s shoot of nine achievement oriented individuals.

My responsibilities here were in producing, at Related Grey, the 3D portions of this commercial. Agency 10 Over 12 dished up the creative in broad strokes and rG created the synthesis of neurons and transmitters to tell the story up close.

And then you combine the two – here a combination of live action production with significant 3D environment. Fair use of stock footage in the presents, but the babies were captured on a RED Scarlet in Nashville by Mark Tye and team at one of the nicest soundstages I’ve been on, Citation Studios.


So … which production environment is best? All of them. The beauty of the strategic creative process is found in analyzing the marketplace – seeing what competitors are doing there – and defining what will stand out. In any marketplace, for each unique idea, there is a smart solution.