Santa Clarita Songwriters Showcase

A Unique Collection of Talented and Dedicated Musicians

Players (left to right) Steve Tannehill and Steve Dole with singers (and hosts to large degree) Melanie and Jeff Meyer perform “Gimme Shelter”.

The Santa Clarita Songwriters Showcase has been a treat for years. Early on, my wife and I were with a large group in the backyard of some friends when this conglomeration of players took on side 2 of The Beatles “Abbey Road” as one continuous piece, the finale to their The Beatles tribute. They nailed it. Totally. Heck, The Beatles themselves never did and never could have done that live due to the many different tunings and overlapping guitars needed. It takes a village of musicians to play those tunes live.

These images are from a night more recently at a more prestigious venue – thank you Santa Clarita Studios – and it was a night of the music of The Rolling Stones. Large crowd, In-N-Out truck, BYOB and bring some food for the local pantry. A good night, well played.

If you’re anywhere around here, the group has been named in honor of one of it’s founders and they have a facebook page. Check it out to see what’s up next. Eagles as I recall. Should be another good night.


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