B&W Portraits

I Love Black & White

I’ve been fortunate to be an adult leader among youth groups, and given many opportunities to do portraits over the years. When given a group of 30-60 kids and adults, and maybe an hour or so to get those portraits done, my responsibility becomes finding or creating a nice lighting/background scene that will work for the many, getting them to give me that look that is who they think they want to be, and pulling out a bit more when possible. Yes, in just a couple of minutes per person.

PhotoShop changed everything. Wonderfully. Beautifully. I was a darkroom rat at photoschool, singing (with many others) “Expose for the shadows” to a popular David Bowie tune of the day. PShop can do more than a traditional darkroom/repro house ever could, and when knowing what you’re looking for from the get-go, it leaves little on the table.