Related Grey

Image Creators for All Media

An amazing collection of creatives makes up the company that is Related Grey. Masters of 3D Studio Max and the Adobe Creative Suite, and of their domain including a well cooled render farm, comfy chairs and a half-pipe, the rG team consistently delivers beyond-expectation results. Check out the reel by clicking on the picture above or here.

As executive producer at Related Grey, I shepherd production from initial communication and estimates through postings, discussions and revisions to delivery of final assets. It is a calendared yet flexible schedule. Most of our projects are very collaborative within the group, with the agency and client involved as much as they want to be, often to great degree. Meeting face to face when needed, utilizing .ftp, conference calls and Skype as often, it is a work-is-fun and work-gets-done process we find our clients enjoy.

You can see much more work on the rG site. I’m particularly proud of projects for Windstream Communications, Western Digital, and Vizio.